Eyebrow Threading Thread

  • Vanity Eyebrow Thread

    Vanity Eyebrow Thread

    Vanity Thread anti-bacterial treatment make it safe & hygienic, protects skin from infections & rashes. The thread is 100 % cotton and made specifically for the purpose of facial threading. Vanity has good elasticity to withstand stress during...

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  • Organica Eyebrow Thread

    Organica Eyebrow Thread

    Organica is manufactured using organic cotton and is eco-friendly product. It is more skin friendly. Ideal for beautians who hold thread in the mouth while threading. Dyes & chemicalsused in this product are GOTS certified. High strength using...

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  • Bella Eyebrow Thread

    Bella Eyebrow Thread

    Bella is strong thread as it is made from extra-long staple Egyptian Giza cotton, making it strong enough to pull the hair while being tough enough to not break. Bella is completely sanitised, making it the safest and most hygienic thread. Bella is a...

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  • Bella Eyebrow Organic Thread

    Bella Eyebrow Organic Thread

    100% Cotton Made in India by Madura Coats Made from Indian Cotton, Global organic Textile Certified. Eco and Skin Friendly. No Harmful Chemicals or Dyes are used both in Cotton Grown on the land and Manufacturing of thread. Ideal for Beauticians who...

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  • Griffin Eyebrow Thread

    Griffin Eyebrow Thread

    100% cotton  Made in India by  Madura Coats (Coats is an England Company). Salon Quality Professional Thread. Good Elasticity to withstand Stress during use. Uniform structure of the thread makes it move smoothly over skin surface. Specially...

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  • 6 Spools Mix Eyebrow Thread

    6 Spools Mix Eyebrow Thread

    1 Spool from each brand total 6 Spools 100% cotton  Made in India  India's specialist eyebrow threading thread. with Anti-bacterial treatment which protects skin from allergy and infection. Good Elasticity to withstand Stress during use. Made...

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